The Ceramic Cat Lady

I’ve decided to start working on a DIY themed blog to showcase my crafty ventures.  Check it out!


Venus Zine

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I know I know.. I don’t call.. I don’t write.. I’m a terrible blog-ographer!  The truth is I’ve been busy living the assistant’s life and doing really amazing work with Lisa Predko!  Can you blame me for the neglect?  Okay okay I’m sorry!  Onto the good stuff!  I’ve recently been doing a bunch of my own work for Venus Zine!  I even wrote an article about how to make your own Dandelion Wine(which turned out delicious by the way!).  Mostly I’ve been shooting live shows for them.  I first found my love of photography through shooting live concerts when I was 15 years old and it has been really amazing to have the opportunity to return to those roots, be able to shoot some of my favorite musicians, and have a platform to share them through and of course – its always fun to arrive at a show and tell the bouncer “I’m on the list.”  So big thanks to Venus Zine for the hook up – they’ve been doing some great things on their web-site – go check it out already!

Fostering Kittens

I’ve started a project of doing self portraits with my foster kittens.  This is my first – a sweet girl named Erilynn.  Turns out I’m not very good at fostering as I made my boyfriend adopt her.  Whoops!  Hopefully it will be easier to let go of the next one.

P.S. I’ve also started a tumblr inspired by my research for the project so click here to see lots of pictures of girls with cats!

Calculator Time Lapse

Remember your old ti-83 calculator?  Still got it kickin around somewhere?  I found mine while I was visiting home this summer and used this instructable to turn it into an intervalometer for my 20d!  They are fun little videos and a fun little project – have a look!

Last Summer’s Polaroids

When I went to Europe last year I took one polaroid a day until my camera ate up the last of my film and left this project a bit unfinished.  Finally got around o scanning the results for you polaroid lovers.  View the whole set on Flickr.

June 2, 2008 - Blue Lagoon, Iceland

June 5, 2008 Hveragerd, Iceland

June 12, 2008 - Utrecht, Netherlands

June 22, 2008 - Prague, Czech Republic

June 22, 2008 - Prague, Czech Republic

Motorcycle Madness


I thought I’d announce I have a new love in my life. She’s a 2004 Suzuki Savage 650 and she came to me on April 18th.  I got my license to ride her on the 28th but since then the rain has kept us apart, leaving only a few lovely days we’ve spent together in which I’ve learned her name is “Kitten”.  I’ve already taken her on a few short trips around Maryland but we’ll be heading out further and further as the summer goes on and hope to make it to the Grand Canyon before the end of this year.


Hello All!  I’m trying to get together a good review for the Polaroid Zink Printer with which I’ve been playing with and absolutely adore.. in the meantine – here’s a preview!

These were made with images from my trip to Norway (viewable on flickr!)

Oslo is pretty much the best place on earth.