worse habits

Worse habits than creating project lists that never get worked on involve leaving started projects behind.I have been busy however. I did make a dress off of my list of craftster bookmarks, and sew skinny a pair of purple jeans since colored denim is going to be the next big thing. Unfortunately I have no photographs of said projects since my camera was stolen and my computer will no longer allow me to edit images. I’ll probably use Coco’s computer soon enough. Hold your damn horses.

We went camping last Saturday. Coco, Mark, Colleen, Jason, Roxie and I went to the Indiana Dunes.

family photo

This was our campsite since we got there too late to fit into any of the state or national parks. It was nice enough, we were out of the city anyhow.. the sand was pretty and the water clean. At least it seemed clean compared to the dog park, but there were smoke stacks visible on either side of the beach, it just outside of Gary after all. That night we cooked hot dogs and smores and watched the Perseids meteor shower. Around 4am the wind picked up and it started raining. The freaks next door decided to just pick up and leave nearly running over Coco’s tent in the process. In the morning we made pancakes and Mark ate a pound of bacon. Roxie helped a little. It was all very by the book, minus the kumbaya. Good job friends.

I hope you won’t think less of me for editing pictures into my previous posts.


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