hells canyon, rilo kiley, and jason anderson

october 2-october 8th

Mark just bought out tickets for our vacation to Seattle/Hells canyon!! We had wanted to drive one way and go through Yellowstone but renting a car turned out fo be way too expensive so we “settled” for hells canyon. I don’t really mind though, the more I look into Hells Canyon the more excited I get! I ordered 2 books about trails out there.. I’m going to have to watch a lot more Man Vs Wild before this trip. Maybe next time Yellowstone.


This album is lame. Well, it’s good.. for straight up pop music.. but it sounds NOTHING like Rilo Kiley.. I was really excited for their show September 15th but now I have little to no desire to even see them. Rilo Kiley has been one of my top 5 bands since I first heard them at least 5 years ago.. nothing about them has ever dissapointed me until this album. What a bummer 😦 I keep listening to it hoping it will grow on me and I’ll figure out what they were thinking but there is just no depth to this album.


To end on a lighter note – Jason Anderson’s new album is EFFING AWESOME! If you’ve ever been to one of Jason’s shows, you’ll know that this is the best way of capturing his music. The mix of terrific quality production with the live show feel goodness is just the way I love it. Yes he does get a little carried away with the Woah’s! but it’s a small trade off for the feel-good, and fun to have in your head throughout the day. ❤


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