King Of Kong

So this is my first post I’m making kind of drunk. Mark KC and PAIGE are playing with card in the other room. I suck at cards! Paige is moving here – AWESOME! She got a sweet job for a lawn and garden trade magazine. We had a good non-vegan brunch today in which I desecrated Bowen’s cinnamon rolls with non-vegan ingredients. But what i really want to talk about is the movie KING OF KONG! Holy crap this was a damn fine movie. I don’t want to give too much away but this guy yeah that motherfucker! Billy Mitchell! He’s a mother fucker! He’s a big asshole bully! In the video game world! Fucking Donkey Kong even has smartass pompous bullies. Like, he’s a real life bad guy! AND don’t look at this until after you’ve seen the movie but it’s a dumb followup. But see the movie ASAP because it was highly enjoyable. I’m going back to the real world. Or looking at knitting patterns. Whatever.


2 responses to “King Of Kong

  1. Note: This is the first known documentation of your alcohol-filled sailor mouth.(and billy mitchell is totally kind of a chump)

  2. Basically, I love you.

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