no computer :(

So, last week my comptuer finally died.. it won’t even turn on. Its hard to update this without a computer but with Coco on her way to Italy I can abuse hers until my new one makes it here.. aprox sept 22 (gross).
I got a powerbook, graduation present from Mom and Dad I should be helping to pay for, but instead I got a new camera yesterday! Its not the 5D I need but the Canon Powershot S5 will have to do for now. It doesn’t seem too bad for a photoshoot and at $325, 8mp and a pretty decent chip it’ll tide me over.. it even has a hot shoe so I can get the connector and use it with my lights – yeah suckas! Though I still need to get a stupid SD card for it.. you probably won’t see too many pictures from it until after my trip 10/08/07. HELLS CANYON! WOOOOO!
I’m a barista now!
Mark hooked me up with a coffee job down the street from where he works. It’s called Jupiter Outpost and it’s only got Cindy the lady who owns the place, Liz and I working there. I’ve only worked two days so far and know nothing about coffee, but I’m learning. Milk’s the hardest.. I’m starting to get it. Practice makes perfect. It’s just been so damn slow when I work in the afternoon that no one even orders drinks for me to practice on! WOOF! But yeah.. its the perfect 2-3 day super relaxed supplement to my nannying. Now if only I would try to get some jobs doing damn editorial work like I’m supposed to.


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