Monthly Archives: November 2007

high school internets

While group youtubing this evening, i discovered the joys of looking up your old high school. Most of the videoes aren’t from my era, but things haven’t changed much. There are still silly pep rallys wherein boys pretend to be cheerleaders, kids streaking at football games, silly morning announcements, mr damascus contests, and fights in front of blockbuster.. but my favorites are of course, these two videos from my days at DHS.

fan fucking tastic


coco and i agree

if we were into chicks, we would love dani

i just started watching tila tequila since i’m home alone for break and i am rooting for this girl!

also working on season 2 of weeds.

too much TV makes me feel bad about myself. but i like it for now.

thrown a curveball!


Milwuakee isn’t Chicago!

I’ve been having trouble finding time to write – surprise!

Mark and I went to Milwaukee this weekend, just for a quick day trip.. to get out of the city. Did you know that out of the 5 football fields stacked 10 feet high with beer shipped from the Miller brewery in Milwaukee 40% is consumed by Chicago?

I don’t drink beer so Mark got drunk off of our combined tasting at the end and we went to the zoo, which was less than fantastic but I guess it IS winter.

Also, I found this internet advertisement HALARIOUS

yes, a female athlete is an athlete with a period. unless of course she stresses her body too much or creates too much testosterone and it stops.. jaknow?

ALSO speaking of halarity, I may have found THE BEST website on the internet. Well, maybe that’s an exagerration but makes me understand why men love reading cosmo! With titles like “Why Men Stare (But Stay)” explaining why its okay to look at other women so long as you don’t act on it, and “My Sexual Safari” – it’s beautiful beautiful trash. Quite enjoyable for the lady who can take everything tongue and cheek.