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The Nutcracker on Horseback

Yes, its just what it sounds like. The play, the nutcracker.. on horses. How could I resist?

The noble horse theatre in Chicago is a fine establishment. Its been around since 1871 and doesn’t have the cheesey factor you’ll find at Midevil Times. It DOES however, have the cheesey factor where it counts – in the show! A girl dancing with a nutcracker enveloped fellow atop a white horse is not something you’ll see any day. It was so silly, but the stunts WERE spetacular! The horses dancing were silly and nice, but the cossack riders! HOLY SMOKES!

ALSO! Okay, the place is BYOB and midway through the show I was reverting back to my 8yo excitement level. I was so into it! There was one point when they did the stunt where the horse wasn’t being ridden but listening to the trainers’ signals.. they sent the horse running out from the dark into the light without the saddle and it felt so magical I let out an audible gasp! It’s ridiculous! Absurd! SO SEE IT IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN!

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elfs! creeps!



Soooooo good!

Unlike Celebration, I was weary of an encore but only because we were front row and center and the crowd was KILLING us with the rock!

I put on their music in the coffee shop the other day and asked my boss if he liked it – he said “yeah – but it’s way before my time!” -NOT! These guys bring back that old rock and roll feel leaving it just a bit rougher and tougher, giving you more to rock the fuck out to. Mark Sultan is mostly quiet when he’s not singing behind his little drumset but King Khan was instigating the crowed to fight and dancing away in that little minidress. Fantastic!

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poor dollar!

lion secks

I’m up after the king kahn and the bbq show.. show, which was fantastic and i will write about later. BUT! more importantly I just had to let you know that within the past 15 minutes I’ve seen the same stock video of lions doing it in two different shows. What shows? Weeds Season 3 Episode 6 and Bill Nye the Science Guy – Evolution of Sex !


I’m heavily infatuated with this band…

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It’s been a while since I’ve fallen head over heels for a band, and true love takes time to develop.. but after seeing CELEBRATION last weekend I CANNOT stop listening to them. If you have the opportunity to see this band live – do yourself the favor. I am usually disappointed by live music these days. Even with bands I love I’m tired and ready to leave by the end of the show and when people start begging for the encore I get annoyed – but with Celebration I NEEDED that extra song! Lead Singer Katrina has such a strong presence, you can’t help but admire her the entire time. Her voice is so soulful and you can tell she feels it the whole was through. She used her energy to keep the crowd going without having to put on a show. Effing fantastic.

I’m not one for reviewing music, I can’t keep up with the terminology of what’s what and the proper adjectives never come, but I do know I love the way they sound. So give them a listen for yourself – Comets is my current favorite (but its one of their slower ones so make sure to listen to them all).

Here’s a neat video presentation from their website

And I didn’t know it before but they’re from Baltimore! Representin’!