Monthly Archives: January 2008

the wild chronicles

I took Roxie to the dog beach yesterday between shopping trips. As you can probably tell from the pictures.. it was freeeeeezing! No joke either… just tons and tons of ice and snow and sand. I could only stand it for 30 minutes but it was still really fun and the lake’s beaches are GORGEOUS and all the dogs were cute. I highly recommend it.

Another thing I highly reccomend – The Wild Chronicles a video podcast by National Geographic

Its basically a bunch of little 5-7minute video segments on different animals. Sounds simple, it is simple, but its soooo much fun! Maybe its because I’m cable deprived and can’t get my animal planet fix while channel surfing the night away anymore but these little podcasts are such a delight! I put a video on while getting dressed in the morning or if I just want to waste 5 minutes before leaving for work.. they’re interesting, stimulating, fun to look at and they don’t even consume your time. I love the crittercam episodes the most – they are video cameras taped to the backs of animals that record 10 minutes of every hour for a period of time and get a better idea of what more elusive creatures are up to. They had it in the first episode that hooked me – about the hawksbill sea turtle. I also reccomend octopus survival, leader of the pack, and crittercam monk seals. UPDATE: OMG watch PENTABEAR! 3 words; baby bear cubs.



Big Dreams

You know how the longer you put of ay task, as easy as it may be, the more daunting it becomes?

Sorry bloggers.. I’ve put this off far too long! I’ve got so much I want to bog about but I’ve been busy doing many other things. Most of all I’ve been working on and it’s going fantastically! I’m ALMOST ready to start truly advertising for it. AND in hopes of geting my 5d sooner than later I’ve put some auctions up on ebay an will be trying to keep 10 auctions up at a time from here on out.

Wish me luck! More updates coming soon. I promise!