Basia Bulat

Photo by Photo by Laura Gray-Shapera courtesy of Spin

On Thursday I saw Basia Bulat at Schubas Tavern. My recent infatuation with her was a complete fluke. I was bored and looking at shows coming soon, clicked on the link to her myspace, watched her video for ‘In The Night’ and promptly fell in love.

Yeah, that’s the video that did it for me. Even once I was listening to her music and had her song in my head I was hesitant to go to the show.. $10 is a lot of money for me these days and it was a gamble for such a recent and unfounded infatuation, but I took the jump and am so happy for it. Basia plays alongside a band of 4, a ukulele player/vocalist, a violinist/vocalist, keyboardist, her brother on drums, and she plays the autoharp/guitar. The music is epic and wreaking of gospel – the type that penetrates through you and makes your heart beat irregularly and feel warm and giddy. So giddy that even she giggled after every single song. She started the show a capella with stomps and claps and it was SO damn impressive – I turned to Mark and proclaimed “The girl’s got pipes!” and no one could deny her that. I think “in the night” is still my favorite song of hers, she played some self proclaimed “sad songs” in the middle of the set that I could have done without – as they weren’t very sad just mellow and I love her for her largeness. But she picked it back up for the second half of the set and in the end she let us know that our insatiable cheers led to her first encore! All the unusual instruments and the insanely amazingly strong vocals and harmonies with her two ladyfriends made my heart spin and made the show quite fun to watch. I highly recommend you check out her website for dates near you.


One response to “Basia Bulat

  1. Thanks Sarah for using my photo and crediting me šŸ˜‰ Nice writeup. . I was so so on Basia’s show at schubas. . I thought the opening number was great. . I think her vocals rub me in the wrong way for some reason. . just not my taste, but she’s a great performer. . I’ll give her that. If you like this realm of tunes, check out Bowerbirds. . .they BLOW me away. Saw them in a church at SXSW this year and almost cried, it sounded that good.

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