Project Run-YAY!

I can’t help but obsessively watch this show. I was sooo sad when Fatty got kicked off in the beginning! But Chris got his second chance and now he’s in the final 4! Yeah he can be a bit tacky but he’s self aware and I think he’s going to kick Rami’s ASS for that runway spot! I doubt he’ll go all the way but I’m happy to have him in the end!

Horray! I can’t wait for the finale!


2 responses to “Project Run-YAY!

  1. I think this is funny because it sounds like you’ve been holding this in for awhile and then let it all out in one happily released sigh of relief 🙂

  2. I love the show too! But who doesn’t? Anywho, I’m really excited that both Chris and Rami made it to the final four – I like Rami, but I agree that Chris’s knack for the drama will score him the runway spot.

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