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mark sent me a link to another amusing sunday morningcaroon type bog called marmaduke explain which happens to be quite hilarious.

One of my favorites thus far is this

Its about cross dressing and thats funny.


new items at borrowedtime!

house leopard

who wants to give me $22,000 to spend on a cat? anyone? anyone?

omg i want one sooo bad. they are a hybrid cat made from 2 african wildcats and a domestic cat. they are garaunteed sweet and bonded to their owner. they are like a 30lb leopard. just what i’ve always wanted! lets just look at pictures and dream shall we?

pictures from dailymail

waxy = creeeeepy

I’m in Newburgh, NY with Mark for the holiday weekend and my parents came up and stole me away to NYC with them for a bit. I didn’t go into Madame Tussauds but I DID take a picture with the Samuel L they had out front.

Also feel free to envy my new jacket, courtesy of Miss Jesse Ames who is also watching my dog and <3<3<3

“sleekify your abs”

While reading a silly Yahoo! article about eating breakfast while laying on my couch with my laptop on my tummy and bowl of cereal on my chest(hey i did just get back from a run at least); the phrase

“Research shows that eating breakfast revs up your metabolism, keeps you from overeating later in the day and may even help sleekify your abs.”

almost made me spit banana chunks onto my screen.  I’m sure researchers have very pertinent evidence about how eating leftover pizza in the morning “sleekifying” your abs.  Oh ladies ladies… why do they keep fueling our dreams?

garfield minus garfield

Found through Jesse Ames’ tumblr! And hilarious!

These are my favorites but see them all here.

2 things

ok excuse the pose, i was pretending to be holding a dachshund!

I have 2 wonderful things to share with you.

1. I got my haircut! At a fancy salon! FOR FREE! You can to by meeting a stylist in training at

2. That shirt! I made it Friday night and I love it. Its an american apparel shirt I got a grease stain on so I stole the bleach shirt idea from my ex-roommate Paul Nelson and used a method similar to the “punk rock tie-dying” found in this video

Seriously try that last project. So fun! Near instant gratification!