house leopard

who wants to give me $22,000 to spend on a cat? anyone? anyone?

omg i want one sooo bad. they are a hybrid cat made from 2 african wildcats and a domestic cat. they are garaunteed sweet and bonded to their owner. they are like a 30lb leopard. just what i’ve always wanted! lets just look at pictures and dream shall we?

pictures from dailymail


6 responses to “house leopard

  1. Uhhh.
    So that firm, Lifestyle Pets, is also going to start offering a “hypoallergenic dog.” That sound wrong to anybody ELSE?

  2. i lived with a friend once who had hypoallergenic dogs. they were soft and fluffy and retarded… but nice. i’d still rather have a mutt.
    (in addition to these cats)
    (and a rabbit / kangaroo hybrid)

  3. Sarah! I’ve stumbled upon your blog and I seriously want this cat. Maybe we could split one? He would look so damn good sitting on a stool outside Pivot.

  4. Now, Sim is a pretty purdy cat, but when she goes to that special, little farm we all know so well (I mean, she’s 10 years old, she’ll probably go soon) I want one of these!!!!!!! Oh my, so much money to save. Bike, travel, cat. I’ll have to marry some rich dude.

    Peace out from Oslo.

  5. I read that these cats will actually starve to death if their owner isn’t the one feeding them. They are excellent bonders, but so much so that if you have house guests it is a problem (they’re dangerous), and you pretty much have to take them everywhere with you. I feel kind of sorry for them being produced for our amusement. They are gorgeous, though.

  6. Not so to that last post, absolutely insanely ridiculous propaganda promoted by ignorant people. the savannah (Ashera) what ever you want to call them , Serval hybrid cats, are little different than a high energy pure bred domestic cat. They have needs and bond tightly but they do use the litter box transfer to new owners(that have some level of intelligence) and eat just fine (too much in fact for my taste) when transferred. I have an adopted from a family (2nd if you count the breeder) and he ate right out of the kennel in the car right off the plane. He proceeded to love on me and begin his reign of domination of the house as soon as we got home from the airport. He’s fully adaptable, leash trained, whoops the dogs daily and greets new people happily when they come over . He’s a 4th generation . 1st generation hybrids are a bit more sensitive to new situations but given proper handling and socializing as kittens and as adults there is no reason they need to be flighty fearful or dangerous to anyone. Only responsible intelligent people should own pets of any kind so if you can’t read and learn get a virtual pet. they only pretend to suffer.

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