Kerasotes Theaters on Western and Webster already offer $6 movies friday, saturday, and sunday before noon – an early bird special I happen to love. AND the theater on Western has $6 TUESDAY nights. Also awesome. BUT a long ignored superdeal has been right under my nose the whole time. THE FIVE BUCK CLUB!

If you’ve been to one of these theatres you’ve proably noticed in the commercials before the previews a bad animation of a yellow circley dude in a baseball cap at his computer typing away and sudden he screams “FIVE DOLLAR MOVIES? WHAAA?” I’ve seen the ad so many times I liked to mock his excitement.. I hated that awful yellow dude.. but I NEVER *listened* to him.. until a few days ago.

I mean – it seems too good! $5 movies? I thought it’d be one really shitty movie one day a week or something.. but I was wrong. Its a free card and it comes to you within two or three days- sign up your roommate too because each card is only good for one person. Each week they send you an email with the list of movies you can see with the deal and it’s seriously for half the movies in the theater!

I just saw Wanted. Worked like a charm! It wasn’t too good of a movie, but surely good enough for $5.


That’s people. DOIT.


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