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omg kitties!

For those fashionistas that read my blog, I know you’re familiar with The Sartorialist.  Today I bring to you the best spin-off ever – The CATORIALIST.  Fancy kitties from all over!  How cute!  Perfect!

On the Street....White Boots, Los Angeles

"On the Street....White Boots, Los Angeles"

Also in the order of kitty blogs I bring you

Smushy Faced Kitties


Gato Poder

Okay so I like kitties! And no I don’t have one, nor particularily want one – but they’re so fun to look at!  You should see my collection of ceramic kitties.


My Grandfather the WAR HERO!

Okay, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic, and a lot of the interview is just the life and times of Arnold Crump, but I’ve never heard him talk about his war experiences before now. is cataloging the experiences of veterans from all wars, but appears to be focusing on WWII at the moment and my happened to meet up with my Grandfather Crump, T/Sgt. Arnold W., 706th Bomb Squadron, 446th Bomb Group, 8th AAF, ETO; Army Air Transport Command, India, CBI

I’ve loaded the videoes onto livestreaming for those interested

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Grandpa Crump on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod
Vodpod videos no longer available. 

more about “Grandpa Crump PT2 on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod


They are long interviews and he’s a bit hard to understand at times, but for me at least it was a very interesting interview and I can’t help but brag about him.  They’ve even posted some charming photographs!

That’s my studly grandpa

My pinup Grandmother

Neat photo grandpa took from above the clouds

He also give his address to the internet so send him fan mail if you want but please don’t go blow up my grandpa!

Lethal Weapon Drinking Game

Drink when;

  • Danny Glover says “I’m to old for this”
  • Sax Solo
  • Senseless Death
  • Product Placement
  • Eye witness to an outlandish crime

Do a shot for BOOBIES