Monthly Archives: January 2009


Okay – so I’ve had a lot of time this trip to surf the internets and I can’t help it! I’ve given in and started a I just can’t help but love the reblogged nature of it! Don’t worry wordpress, you’re still number one.. but now I have somewhere for all my random internets!


Photoshopped Street Art

So – this probably isn’t the most original idea for street art – BUT its the first time I’ve seen it actually done.  I’ve been retouching a lot lately and I love it for the challenge but I do feel guilty when I look at these ads and KNOW how much work goes into them.  I mean I joke that I’m “ruining america’s self esteem” when I introduce myself at parties.. everyone with sense knows that these women aren’t flawless on their own but to truly see it really makes a different impression on you. At least this is a nice reminder to Berlin.. clone stamp clone stamp clone stamp!!

“i was there”

Well the inauguration was freeeeeeeezing and the sound was so bad that I could barely understand the speech – but i was there – and that’s pretty cool.

poor neglected blog!

I’ve been a naughty bad blogger lately – life has been getting the better of me lately!
I can’t give a good update at this moment either but I can tell you about some exciting things to look for!
1. The issue of Venus Zine with my photo of Rachel Yamagata is out on shelves at this very moment
2. I’ll be at the inauguration of Barack Obama this Tuesday
3. I’ll be in Norway from Jan 22nd to Feb 7th

So you can expect some nice updates in the near future! Hooray! Talk to you soon!