Monthly Archives: October 2010

Venus Zine

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I know I know.. I don’t call.. I don’t write.. I’m a terrible blog-ographer!  The truth is I’ve been busy living the assistant’s life and doing really amazing work with Lisa Predko!  Can you blame me for the neglect?  Okay okay I’m sorry!  Onto the good stuff!  I’ve recently been doing a bunch of my own work for Venus Zine!  I even wrote an article about how to make your own Dandelion Wine(which turned out delicious by the way!).  Mostly I’ve been shooting live shows for them.  I first found my love of photography through shooting live concerts when I was 15 years old and it has been really amazing to have the opportunity to return to those roots, be able to shoot some of my favorite musicians, and have a platform to share them through and of course – its always fun to arrive at a show and tell the bouncer “I’m on the list.”  So big thanks to Venus Zine for the hook up – they’ve been doing some great things on their web-site – go check it out already!