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Venus Zine

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I know I know.. I don’t call.. I don’t write.. I’m a terrible blog-ographer!  The truth is I’ve been busy living the assistant’s life and doing really amazing work with Lisa Predko!  Can you blame me for the neglect?  Okay okay I’m sorry!  Onto the good stuff!  I’ve recently been doing a bunch of my own work for Venus Zine!  I even wrote an article about how to make your own Dandelion Wine(which turned out delicious by the way!).  Mostly I’ve been shooting live shows for them.  I first found my love of photography through shooting live concerts when I was 15 years old and it has been really amazing to have the opportunity to return to those roots, be able to shoot some of my favorite musicians, and have a platform to share them through and of course – its always fun to arrive at a show and tell the bouncer “I’m on the list.”  So big thanks to Venus Zine for the hook up – they’ve been doing some great things on their web-site – go check it out already!


2 things

ok excuse the pose, i was pretending to be holding a dachshund!

I have 2 wonderful things to share with you.

1. I got my haircut! At a fancy salon! FOR FREE! You can to by meeting a stylist in training at

2. That shirt! I made it Friday night and I love it. Its an american apparel shirt I got a grease stain on so I stole the bleach shirt idea from my ex-roommate Paul Nelson and used a method similar to the “punk rock tie-dying” found in this video

Seriously try that last project. So fun! Near instant gratification!

halloween can wait!

Check out these SWEET plates by Sarah Cihat!

She buys plates at vintage stores and reglazes them. I wish I had a kiln…

worse habits

Worse habits than creating project lists that never get worked on involve leaving started projects behind.I have been busy however. I did make a dress off of my list of craftster bookmarks, and sew skinny a pair of purple jeans since colored denim is going to be the next big thing. Unfortunately I have no photographs of said projects since my camera was stolen and my computer will no longer allow me to edit images. I’ll probably use Coco’s computer soon enough. Hold your damn horses.

We went camping last Saturday. Coco, Mark, Colleen, Jason, Roxie and I went to the Indiana Dunes.

family photo

This was our campsite since we got there too late to fit into any of the state or national parks. It was nice enough, we were out of the city anyhow.. the sand was pretty and the water clean. At least it seemed clean compared to the dog park, but there were smoke stacks visible on either side of the beach, it just outside of Gary after all. That night we cooked hot dogs and smores and watched the Perseids meteor shower. Around 4am the wind picked up and it started raining. The freaks next door decided to just pick up and leave nearly running over Coco’s tent in the process. In the morning we made pancakes and Mark ate a pound of bacon. Roxie helped a little. It was all very by the book, minus the kumbaya. Good job friends.

I hope you won’t think less of me for editing pictures into my previous posts.

bad habits

This blog is quickly becoming a list of projects I wish I had the time for.. hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that soon.

I’m back from Florida, and I’m attacking my bedroom. It has been overwhelmingly unlivable – which is saying a lot if you’ve known my living conditions in the past. So I went to ikea and invested in some expensive swedish particle board with hopes of salvaging a peaceful bedroom. That was Saturday, tomorrow I hope to finish the project… or at least get somewhere on it…

But there are so many other projects also demanding my attentions, not to mention my boyfriend and my dog. We went to the beach today- my boyfriend, my dog and I. We saw many dogs pooping in the water we were swimming in.. that made it significantly less fun.. but really when you’re swimming in the lake – what harm’s a little extra poop?

I want to be finishing my websites but I haven’t even started and the truth is I don’t want to be doing them at all – I have a thousand FUN projects I’d rather be doing, but these are the most important projects. Nannying can only cover so much, I NEED these sites to survive. I only have a few more months before the loans start coming and I need to be in business by then. Though I did finally make some sketches on the plane ride.. as well as some oneline drawings that turned out kind of nice. I’m no illustrator but these are fun anyway.

Maybe I should stop making so many lists. On one hand they break things down so I know what steps to take to get things done and crossing off even the smallest of things helps. On the other they get so long they seem impossible to make any progress.

Anyhow, the project currently distracting me from more pressing issues would be this lovely planter;

I hope you have more luck with getting around to doing my projects than me. Maybe if i spent less time surfing the web looking for projects and actually did something with that time I’d get somewhere.. hmm..


I’m just finishing up my trip in Daytona Beach. Family is a good thing but I’m excited to get back and start working on my web-sites etc.

During the trip I’ve read “The God of Animals” by Aryn Kyle and “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris, both of which were enjoyable but made me feel like a very boring personality.

I’ve also spent a lot of time on bookmarking things to do once I’ve returned home. I think this little green dress will be one of the first on my list.

I also hope to use this pattern on to reconstruct a t-shirt I bought in Rochester. Yeah, the reconstructing t-shirts thing is long past, but it’s just too great of a shirt and unwearable as is. I’ll make it work, just you wait!

I’ve also sworn to teach myself quilting (hah) and inspired by a coworker from the levis days I want to make myself a loom and relearn how to weave. – Adicting – Love


I can’t wait to get home and spend some time with my dog. and boyfriend. and best friend. Oh Chicago..