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The Ceramic Cat Lady

I’ve decided to start working on a DIY themed blog to showcase my crafty ventures.  Check it out!


Motorcycle Madness


I thought I’d announce I have a new love in my life. She’s a 2004 Suzuki Savage 650 and she came to me on April 18th.  I got my license to ride her on the 28th but since then the rain has kept us apart, leaving only a few lovely days we’ve spent together in which I’ve learned her name is “Kitten”.  I’ve already taken her on a few short trips around Maryland but we’ll be heading out further and further as the summer goes on and hope to make it to the Grand Canyon before the end of this year.


Okay – so I’ve had a lot of time this trip to surf the internets and I can’t help it! I’ve given in and started a I just can’t help but love the reblogged nature of it! Don’t worry wordpress, you’re still number one.. but now I have somewhere for all my random internets!

“i was there”

Well the inauguration was freeeeeeeezing and the sound was so bad that I could barely understand the speech – but i was there – and that’s pretty cool.

poor neglected blog!

I’ve been a naughty bad blogger lately – life has been getting the better of me lately!
I can’t give a good update at this moment either but I can tell you about some exciting things to look for!
1. The issue of Venus Zine with my photo of Rachel Yamagata is out on shelves at this very moment
2. I’ll be at the inauguration of Barack Obama this Tuesday
3. I’ll be in Norway from Jan 22nd to Feb 7th

So you can expect some nice updates in the near future! Hooray! Talk to you soon!

I’m famous in Japan!

Hooray!  My pictures for Scott Murphy’s cover has hit Japan.  Next up: Venus Zine!

have i been too busy or too boring?  who knows!?! here you go!