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the wild chronicles

I took Roxie to the dog beach yesterday between shopping trips. As you can probably tell from the pictures.. it was freeeeeezing! No joke either… just tons and tons of ice and snow and sand. I could only stand it for 30 minutes but it was still really fun and the lake’s beaches are GORGEOUS and all the dogs were cute. I highly recommend it.

Another thing I highly reccomend – The Wild Chronicles a video podcast by National Geographic

Its basically a bunch of little 5-7minute video segments on different animals. Sounds simple, it is simple, but its soooo much fun! Maybe its because I’m cable deprived and can’t get my animal planet fix while channel surfing the night away anymore but these little podcasts are such a delight! I put a video on while getting dressed in the morning or if I just want to waste 5 minutes before leaving for work.. they’re interesting, stimulating, fun to look at and they don’t even consume your time. I love the crittercam episodes the most – they are video cameras taped to the backs of animals that record 10 minutes of every hour for a period of time and get a better idea of what more elusive creatures are up to. They had it in the first episode that hooked me – about the hawksbill sea turtle. I also reccomend octopus survival, leader of the pack, and crittercam monk seals. UPDATE: OMG watch PENTABEAR! 3 words; baby bear cubs.



This morning while walking Roxie I was rushing around until I smelt that lovely smell of wet, decompositioning leaves and stopped dead in my tracks. MMMMM. I had one of those smelly flashbacks to the woods behind my house as a wee lass just upturning every pile of leaves I could find and when I would turn over rotting logs to find salamanders, they were sticky wet and wiggled to escape my grasp and I loved that feeling, does Illinois have Salamanders? Thanks google for the correct answer – YES and they look like THIS. Sick. Anyhow, its that sweet smelling fresh dirt – not the poop kind.. I know you know what I’m talking and have probably already enjoyed that smell this season but I’ve managed to be too busy to turn over a few damp leaves so if you haven’t – Stop and smell the wet leaves won’t you?

Also this morning on 103.1 there was a DREXCLUSIVE playing the whole new Britney album that doesn’t evening come out for a few more months and I foudn myself excited for a moment – What? Has my fascination with celebrity fuck-ups finally ruined me the way Mark says it will? I briefly considered staying in the car to listen to it a bit longer but upon arrival to the thrift store I just turned off the car forgetting I was even listening to anything. Close call…

Along that note – I’ve been remembering how exciting it used to feel to go see music live, I’m talking even bigger than that punk show feeling- I’m talking STADIUM EVENTS! With superstars you’d been waiting months to see and you didn’t care that seats were $50 and you were in the back because your Mom bought them! John(shout out to the only person who reads my blog!) and Cindy went to St Louis for Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello yesterday and their post-concert afterglow left me quite jealous. I don’t even think I like music enough these days.. but damn I miss it.

worse habits

Worse habits than creating project lists that never get worked on involve leaving started projects behind.I have been busy however. I did make a dress off of my list of craftster bookmarks, and sew skinny a pair of purple jeans since colored denim is going to be the next big thing. Unfortunately I have no photographs of said projects since my camera was stolen and my computer will no longer allow me to edit images. I’ll probably use Coco’s computer soon enough. Hold your damn horses.

We went camping last Saturday. Coco, Mark, Colleen, Jason, Roxie and I went to the Indiana Dunes.

family photo

This was our campsite since we got there too late to fit into any of the state or national parks. It was nice enough, we were out of the city anyhow.. the sand was pretty and the water clean. At least it seemed clean compared to the dog park, but there were smoke stacks visible on either side of the beach, it just outside of Gary after all. That night we cooked hot dogs and smores and watched the Perseids meteor shower. Around 4am the wind picked up and it started raining. The freaks next door decided to just pick up and leave nearly running over Coco’s tent in the process. In the morning we made pancakes and Mark ate a pound of bacon. Roxie helped a little. It was all very by the book, minus the kumbaya. Good job friends.

I hope you won’t think less of me for editing pictures into my previous posts.

bad habits

This blog is quickly becoming a list of projects I wish I had the time for.. hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that soon.

I’m back from Florida, and I’m attacking my bedroom. It has been overwhelmingly unlivable – which is saying a lot if you’ve known my living conditions in the past. So I went to ikea and invested in some expensive swedish particle board with hopes of salvaging a peaceful bedroom. That was Saturday, tomorrow I hope to finish the project… or at least get somewhere on it…

But there are so many other projects also demanding my attentions, not to mention my boyfriend and my dog. We went to the beach today- my boyfriend, my dog and I. We saw many dogs pooping in the water we were swimming in.. that made it significantly less fun.. but really when you’re swimming in the lake – what harm’s a little extra poop?

I want to be finishing my websites but I haven’t even started and the truth is I don’t want to be doing them at all – I have a thousand FUN projects I’d rather be doing, but these are the most important projects. Nannying can only cover so much, I NEED these sites to survive. I only have a few more months before the loans start coming and I need to be in business by then. Though I did finally make some sketches on the plane ride.. as well as some oneline drawings that turned out kind of nice. I’m no illustrator but these are fun anyway.

Maybe I should stop making so many lists. On one hand they break things down so I know what steps to take to get things done and crossing off even the smallest of things helps. On the other they get so long they seem impossible to make any progress.

Anyhow, the project currently distracting me from more pressing issues would be this lovely planter;

I hope you have more luck with getting around to doing my projects than me. Maybe if i spent less time surfing the web looking for projects and actually did something with that time I’d get somewhere.. hmm..