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90s television composer king.

W. G. Snuffy Walden.

So, I’ve recently started watching Felicity. Its quite a silly show and as I watch it I keep seeing the MadTV parody “Intensity”, but mainly what I’ve noticed is the musical score.. it kept reminding me of My So Called Life.. Sure enough it IS the same mastermind playing on the same prepubescent heartstrings. Good Ole Snuffy. Apparently he does stuff for Friday Night Lights etc now.. I wonder if i could still pick him out..


OMG episode 4 connects me back to MSCL yet again. Dear sweet Brian Krakow, what ever happened between you and Angela the world will never know.. 4 years later you look quite different but you don’t fool me!



Project Run-YAY!

I can’t help but obsessively watch this show. I was sooo sad when Fatty got kicked off in the beginning! But Chris got his second chance and now he’s in the final 4! Yeah he can be a bit tacky but he’s self aware and I think he’s going to kick Rami’s ASS for that runway spot! I doubt he’ll go all the way but I’m happy to have him in the end!

Horray! I can’t wait for the finale!

poor dollar!

lion secks

I’m up after the king kahn and the bbq show.. show, which was fantastic and i will write about later. BUT! more importantly I just had to let you know that within the past 15 minutes I’ve seen the same stock video of lions doing it in two different shows. What shows? Weeds Season 3 Episode 6 and Bill Nye the Science Guy – Evolution of Sex !


coco and i agree

if we were into chicks, we would love dani

i just started watching tila tequila since i’m home alone for break and i am rooting for this girl!

also working on season 2 of weeds.

too much TV makes me feel bad about myself. but i like it for now.